He has no shortage of competitors, but man-eating serial killer Jamie “Lucky” Kennedyis one of the most disturbing killers in “Thinking Like a Criminal.” Debuted on CBS in 2005, “Thinking Like a Criminal” is an intense procedural series that follows the Behavioral Analysis Department (AKA BAU). It consists of a team of FBI profilers who track down invisible killers, many of whom use unique methods. The series could be ruthlessly dark and gloomy, although its characters, such as Spencer Reed or Penelope Garcia, gave “Thinking like a Criminal” the necessary humanity.

“Thinking Like a Criminal” lasted 15 seasons, which means that BAU encountered many memorable subjects in his time. Several killers stand out from this run, perhaps the most famous of them is C. Thomas Howell as George Foyet, also known as “The Reaper”, a prolific killer who also killed Hayley (Meredith Monroe), Hotch’s ex-wife (Thomas Gibson). . Other notable subjects in “Thinking Like a Criminal” include the monstrous “Prince of Darkness” Tim Curry or Kat Adams the killer (Aubrey Plaza).

Jamie Kennedy is best known as Randy Meeks, the likeable moviegoer from the first three Scream films. Kennedy is known for his comic roles, but his role as Floyd Feilynn Ferell, also known as “The Lucky One” in “Thinking Like a Criminal”, is the complete opposite. Ferell is introduced in the appropriately titled season 3 episode “Thinking Like a Criminal” “Lucky Guy”, where BAU heads to Florida to track down the killer, who turns out to be Ferell. The “lucky man” kidnapped women to eat them, and considered himself possessed by a carnivorous demon.

His methods included carving pentagrams on the bodies of victims, and one of his infamous actions was that he served the meat of a missing victim to volunteers who were looking for her. Killer Jamie Kennedy from “Thinking Like a Criminal” also had an ego about his crimes, which included force-feeding one victim’s fingers to another so that authorities would know after the latter’s body was discovered that she was not the first victim. Kennedy’s eerie calmness as Ferell also makes the character linger, because while he may not be as prolific as the other subjects from Think Like a Criminal, the sadistic pleasure he derived from his actions is really unsettling.

“Trembling of the Earth: A Cold Day in Hell” Jamie Kennedy later reprised the role of the killer in the 13th season of “Thinking like a Criminal” in the episode “Lucky Strikes”. This led to the fact that BAU’s paths crossed again with Ferell, who was never brought to court for his actions, but instead was placed in a hospital. Although it seems that the copycat can recreate the crimes of “Lucky”, the ending shows that instead he directed another killer named Manning to commit the murders. Ferell was imprisoned again at the end of this “Think Like a Criminal” release, but while the revival series is in development, it’s unlikely that BAU will face the killer again.

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