Hate to Break it To Ya

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HATE TO BREAK IT TO YA with Jamie Kennedy

He’s mad as hell and he’s not going to take it anymore. HATE TO BREAK IT TO YA is a weekly podcast hosted by actor/comedian Jamie Kennedy. Jamie is on a constant quest to get to the bottom of things. Step inside Jamie’s brain where you will be confronted with idea’s that are unique and thought-provoking. An assault on your ears with a spin you may not want to hear….

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Episode 1

Hollywood & Lies

In this inaugural episode, Jamie discusses the various reasons he wanted to start a podcast. He talks about how Hollywood has changed over the years, and how it has become more risk-adverse. Other topics include the need for connection, authenticity vs. inauthenticity, loneliness during the holidays, and the nature of lying.

Episode 2

Trumpy Pumpy

In this episode, Jamie talks about a wide range of topics, including the Women’s March, hypocrites, fairness, Instagram, what makes a woman a woman, Madonna, Donald Trump, and elitism.

Episode 4

Let My Poppy Grow

In this episode, Jamie focuses on the culture of haters and why people hate in the first place. He discusses heckling and criticism in the current media age, both constructive and destructive.

Episode 6

Wine Babble

Jamie Kennedy introduces his plan, vision and motivation for reviving his podcast while sipping on some red wine in the comfort of his office / garage. He discusses other podcasts, YouTubers and an exciting movie he’s getting in shape for that he can’t say much about. He wants to hear from YouTubers and discusses how the new world is people doing what they do openly and online for all to see and contrasts it with how secretive Hollywood used to be. Jamie explores how the industry, communication, society and norms have changed.

Episode 7

The Art of Not Giving a Veejay

In this episode, Jamie Kennedy discusses relationship issues and the differences in perspectives between men and women with fellow Stand Up Comedian Omrah Menkes. They explore their expectations and preferences in dating, intimacy, relationships, love and lifestyles. By contrasting and comparing their wants, needs and what fulfills them they discover a huge variation in what they as men and women desire.

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