In 2020, Jamie Kennedy returns to the big screen with CRABS IN A BUCKET, an independent film about a hotshot real estate developer who comes home and has to make a decision to gentrify or preserve a fictional Delco town.

Jamie stars alongside actors such as Bruce Dern, Taryn Manning, and Jeremy Piven.

The movie was conceptualized by Main Line real estate developer, Greg Lingo. Greg decided to write about some of the Delco characters that he grew up with in Upper Darby and he was able to bring it to life with the help of Philly native, Paolo Pilladi.

Fun fact: Jamie Kennedy actually grew up in Upper Darby. We’ll also be seeing a lot of locations based on actual places there such as Callahan’s Tavern and Cawley’s.

Watch out for Jamie’s performance in CRABS IN A BUCKET, set to be released in 2020.

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