Kickin it Old Skool DVD, autographed


Rendered comatose for 20 years after a freak breakdancing accident, former child dancer Justin Schumacher (Jamie Kennedy) awakens from his extended repose with no motor skills and the mental capacity of a 12-year-old. So much has changed since Justin lapsed into a coma; not only have people stopped wearing parachute pants, the Internet has connected people in a manner that no child of the 1980s could have ever imagined. Dancing, however, is the one constant that remains as popular as ever. Upon discovering that his mountainous medical bills have drained mom and dad’s bank account and the love of his life (Maria Menounos) is engaged to his lifelong nemesis (Michael Rosenbaum), the breakdancing Rip Van Winkle attempts to reassemble his former dance troupe in hopes of winning back the girl and saving his parents’ failing yogurt shop.